Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Intern

Overview of Position

Social Web Tactics is currently looking for highly motivated college students and recent graduates who can dedicate a few hours a week to assist in social media marketing, search engine optimization and general marketing and research projects. This position requires specific skills as well as an opportunity to be mentored by team leaders. The potential exists for this position to become a full-time role. There is a monetary stipend.

The social media work interns will perform includes managing company as well as client social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube / Vimeo, Slideshare and more. You also will share content across networks like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. Selected candidates also will need good writing skills, and will be expected to compose blog content on a regular basis. You will be mentored on how to compose good client and SWT blog posts and articles. We will teach you how to conduct detailed research and how to originally author effective content. You also will be trained on good social media tactics, and how to use various social media tools.

The search engine optimization (SEO) work interns will perform includes conducting technical site audits, competitive research, keyword analysis, content editing, data entry, link building, reporting and deploying key SEO analysis, including optimizing various site elements and site architecture, working from a project plan prepared in a collaborative effort with the SWT team. If many of these terms and tasks sound new to you, do not worry. Our goal is to train you on the basics and bring each intern up to speed quickly. These skills will be a highly valuable asset to you in your future professional work.

The general marketing work interns will perform includes contacting potential speakers for online events, coordinating event logistics for SWT and clients, conducting research, and performing a limited amount of marketing and business development work for SWT.


  • High school juniors and seniors, college students and recent college graduates.
  • Must have excellent communication, organizational, and project management skills. We can work on all of these together, but you cannot be afraid to speak up or communicate about your progress.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines, especially with SWT clients. We cannot accept slacking or low productivity.
  • Must have familiarity with social media and a general understanding of marketing.
  • Must be willing to learn as this position is similar to an apprenticeship.
  • Must be able to work remotely and have good discipline and commitment to high quality work.

Compensation and Benefits

SWT will pay an hourly rate or set weekly rate based on skills and availability. Hourly rate can range from $10 to $17. No other benefits are currently available for this position. Hours to be determined based on skills and availability. Interested? Send a resume and brief letter outline your interest and skills to: