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Professional Background

Michael Hackmer is the founder of Social Web Tactics – a digital marketing and sales agency designed to provide small and mid-sized businesses in the US and internationally the best marketing and sales solutions available, coupled with highly personalized support. Our goal is to connect your online presence to offline activities and generate brand awareness and sales leads.

Michael Hackmer’s work has been to partner with companies to build them better customer personas, digital marketing and lead generation programs, as well as content marketing efforts and SEO/SEM/PPC campaigns. Hackmer has worked with start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies focused on B2C, B2B and B2G in the US and Latin America. He has worked for companies selling directly to consumers, retail buyers, other businesses and state and federal government customers.

Prior to founding Social Web Tactics, Hackmer was the SEO and Content Optimization Manager for Strayer University. At Strayer he improved organic search results, increasing the number of page 1 terms on Google, handled all website analytics and worked on several successful web initiatives, including a complete website redesign and blog roll-out.

Michael Hackmer also worked at Deltek as the Senior Community Manager for GovWin.com, which was a professional network for businesses and government contractors to share opportunities and best practices. At GovWin Hackmer managed the social network, monitored and engaged users online and in-person, provided educational resources that enhanced the member experience, and identified ways to grow the community. Hackmer was instrumental in helping to grow the GovWin network from a few thousand members to over 30,000 in a year.

Prior to joining GovWin.com, Michael Hackmer was the social media and online marketing manager for BIA/Kelsey. He also has held marketing, project management and communications positions with companies in the technology and consulting industries, as well as government relations for non-profits.

Personal Background

Michael Hackmer single parent to an amazing teenage girl (his other full-time job). He loves to run, swim, hike and explore cities in the US and Latin America. He is fond of technology and is focused on reforming education policy in the U.S. so our children can have a more prosperous future.

Marketing Specialties

• Customer Persona Development
• Digital Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Strategy and Execution
• Web Design and User Experience
• Business Development / Lead Generation
• B2C, B2B and B2G
• US and Latin America marketing / market development


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  • Michael Hackmer

    Michael Hackmer is the founder of Social Web Tactics. Born in Boston, MA, Hackmer has lived in the metro Washington, DC region since 1998. He specializes in digital marketing strategy, seo and sem, social media, merging online and in-person events for best engagement, business development and more. With over 15 years experience in government, non-profits, public and private corporations, spanning a number of industries, Hackmer has a unique wealth of experience. He currently resides in Ashburn with his daughter.

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