Web analytics and big data are transforming the way we communicate with people, either on our websites, mobile apps or tablets.

[quote align=”right”]We have the experience extracting data from legacy systems, implementing and managing Google Analytics and Omniture, as well as building actionable reports instead of regurgitating data without meaning or context.[/quote]

The ability to collect detailed sets of data from our websites, mobile apps, social media profiles and third-party data providers has enriched marketing professionals and created new opportunities and a new arsenal in the drive to connect with people online.

Now we can answer deeper questions.

  • Who are the people who are coming to your website?
  • Where are people coming from?
  • What devices are they using?
  • How did they find it?
  • What did they do when they first arrived?
  • How do they use the site throughout their visit?
  • Why did they leave? And more.

Analytics Can Show What Marketing Campaigns Work And Don’t Work

With website analytics, there is a tremendous cache of valuable information. When connected to the data in your CRM and other data sources, the repository of information can identify what campaigns are most successful and when, which efforts need to be retooled, and what opportunities are being missed.

We believe data is critical to improving website traffic, engagement and conversion. However, not every company has the time and resources to hire an analytics professional or people to come in and make sense of all their data.

There is where the professionals at Social Web Tactics can play a vital role for your company.

Working with your company, our team can compile all the data and begin to build a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly snapshot of your customer’s online interactions as they relate to your marketing efforts. Together we can establish a proper baseline of performance, and set new goals and build more effective marketing campaigns.

So much is riding on the success of your marketing efforts and your website. For help with your analytics and building better marketing campaigns, contact us today!

Contact Social Web Tactics today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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