B2B and B2G Lead Generation Webinars

B2B and B2G lead generation is often one of the most challenging and costly aspects of a company’s marketing efforts. In an effort to improve ROI and reduce costs, budget conscious businesses are experimenting with Webinars, social media, content marketing and email marketing for their lead generation efforts.

However, many do this without fully understanding how to engage people through all these channels in a connected way.

Companies often lack the internal resources and expertise to plan, organize and implement a successful program, which can generate disappointing results despite the cost savings to the marketing budget and bottom line.

Our Expertise Is Blending Lead Generation Webinars With Content Marketing And Social Media

At Social Web Tactics, our experience is in blending lead generation webinars with social media, content marketing, email marketing and traditional person-to-person communication. For over 10 years we have created events that have connected businesses with their target audience in a wide variety of industries as well as within the federal government. Our events have included:

  • Targeted challenge-market-solution styled Webinars that bring strategic partners together
  • Virtual Roundtables that include a panel of industry experts to break down 3 to 5 challenges, and discuss solutions with the audience
  • Direct engagement events that include more direct discussion with the audience
  • Product and service demonstrations

In many cases, these events are planned and coordinated with speaker interviews leading to the event, blog content, pre-event question and answer sessions, direct engagement through social media platforms, and strong email marketing campaigns. In some cases we can conduct pre-event phone conversations, but most of our direct person-to-person communication follows the event.

Our Process

This specially designed Webinar program is built based on a proven process that has continued to be successful for over 10 years. However, each program is constructed differently to ensure we meet the unique needs of your company.

Our first step is to meet with you and your team to discuss the your company, your competition and your prospective customers. Once we understand the challenge or pain in the marketplace, your capabilities and goals and expectations, we then craft a Webinar program with metrics for success, social media, content marketing and an analytics report, so you can view the results as the plan unfolds. Lastly, we examine the target market and best identify how we can communicate with them to draw them into the event.

What Are The Benefits To Your Company?

There are many benefits to this kind of program. For starters, the unique nature of this blended approach means a company can make improvements to more than just one aspect of their marketing efforts. Since these Webinars rely on a combination of email, content and social media marketing, your company will work with our team to ensure that each piece is functioning well.

These Webinars also generate sales leads that are better qualified than most other events. By focusing and channeling our communications, and building rich and compelling events, we can draw an audience that identifies strongly with the market challenges your company addresses.

The Social Web Tactics B2B Lead Generation Webinars also:

  • Provide a cost-effective marketing program with a strong return on your investment.
  • Create better customer engagement both online and in-person.
  • Focus your marketing and sales efforts, which create greater team synergy and improve productivity.
  • Produce content that you can use for remarketing beyond the live event.
  • Connect you with a large section of your target audience in a relatively short period of time.

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