Business To Government (B2G) Marketing

How To Market and Sell To The Government

B2G Marketing

As a federal government contractor, you are faced with a significant challenge: how to win business from the largest and most complex organization in the world – the U.S. government.

If you are focused on winning state and local government contracts, you have to face different procurement processes, people, and harder to find opportunities.

To make matters more complicated, every decision maker in federal, state, and local government is faced with the challenge of having to do more with less, carefully evaluate their business partners to ensure they can do the work required, avoid conflicts of interest, and manage risk.

With competition growing every year, and prime contractors actively seeking more small and mid-sized business partners to deliver, your company needs every tactical advantage possible to identify opportunities and present your solutions to the government’s most pressing needs.

Our team has experience with B2G marketing, as well as lead generation for government contractors looking to establish teams for contracts or reach into government agencies.

By combining digital and traditional marketing methods, our team has generated hundreds of leads per engagement and helped companies expand their brand identity within the government space.

Our GovCon Marketing Services Include

Identifying Your Government Customer

We believe everything starts with accurately identifying who your customer is. Is it an agency? A potential teaming partner? A target for acquisition or strategic partnership? We work with your team to build the right customer personas and help identify targets in the government as well as within prime contractors who need business partners.

Optimize Your Website

Government buyers and prime contractors look for very specific things when they visit your website. We can help you optimize your website and key landing pages to ensure it appeals to them. Our process will include a complete site audit, competitor analysis, and review of your keywords and phrases to see where you are successful with your messaging, and where you need to improve.

Create Engaging Marketing Content

Content creation and SEO need to work seamlessly together. We can produce content for your company or organization and connect it to the keywords you want to be optimized around and your customer needs. We conduct a complete content audit and inventory, deliver a competitive analysis, and also build out a detailed editorial calendar with content that is designed to attract your target audience.

Automate Your GovCon Marketing

Marketing automation increases sales productivity (14.5%) while reducing marketing overhead (12.2%). Are you using a marketing automation system? We know the best enterprise to small business solutions, so we can get you started with the right solution for your current needs, future growth, and budget. We can help implement and manage your solution, whether its Marketo, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Agile or others.

Create B2G Lead Generation Campaigns

Business to government (B2G) lead generation is a process marketers follow to capture audience interest in a product or service, and then adding those contacts into a marketing and sales pipeline. We have constructed lead gen programs, including but not limited to Webinar programs, white papers, and email campaigns.

Advertise (Digital and Traditional Media)

Promotion of your business is essential. When you're trying to reach government customers or other businesses that can team with you on contracts, you have to maximize everything from LinkedIn and industry publications to the military's welfare and morale events and programs. Our team has successfully advertised events into the NSA and other agencies, and we can help you with your campaign.

GovCon Agency Playbook And Marketing Strategy

In addition to our customer persona building, website optimization and marketing and sales messaging, we have combined the expertise of Social Web Tactics with James Baker Consulting to deliver more experience in selling and marketing products, solutions and services to the government market. Together, we have worked with companies of all sizes, from SMBs to integrators to Fortune 500 prime contractors.

Social Web Tactics can provide your company’s sales and marketing teams with an Agency Playbook and Marketing Strategy that delivers the custom analysis and action plan your company requires to win business from the federal government.

Our playbooks contain sections, such as:

  • Historical Overview Of The Contract
  • Agency Mission And Directives
  • Organization Details
  • Budget Analysis
  • Business Cases
  • Forecasts
  • Competitive Landscape
  • GAO and OIG Reports
  • The Latest News And Information
  • A Complete Search and Content Optimization Report For Your Website
  • Your Company’s Social Media Profile
  • A Social Media Profile Of Your Target Agency/Agencies
  • Action Oriented Sales and Marketing Strategy

The GovCon Agency Playbook and Marketing Strategy begins with a white board discussion with your team. We get a full understanding of all your company’s capabilities to ensure we can match them to the governments requirements. Then we go to work, reviewing the government’s initiatives, putting together a detailed organization structure as well as key points of contact, a budget analysis, competitor profiles, a detailed call plan and much more.

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Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency that has over 15 years of experience in business to government marketing (B2G) at the federal and state level. We are ready and able to help your company develop and execute a successful strategy that leads to business growth.

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