Customer Acquisition

You Need To Understand Your Audience
Its Habits, Behaviors and Needs

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Many companies face challenges acquiring new customers.

How to persuade a consumer to make a purchase of your product or service can seem like a confusing mix of art, science and luck.

At Social Web Tactics, we understand consumer habits and how to connect those habits, behaviors, interests and actions with your company’s marketing efforts, so you can have the tangible and measurable results you want.

Below is a simple overview of our process:

Customer Data

Every customer acquisition strategy starts by gathering data on your target and existing customers.

Build A Customer Profile

Once we have all the data, we build profiles of your target audience - and identify their key habits, behaviors, motivations, and needs.

Create and Launch A Marketing Strategy

Then we create and launch a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to acquire new customers. The plan includes processes, budget and goals.

We also believe that a smart customer acquisition plan needs to include key marketing tactics, such as customer-centric SEO, optimization of online and phone conversion, and targeted email campaigns.

Customer-Centric Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the world’s answer engines. If your marketing messaging is not built around customer-centric SEO, you are not going to be where your customers are looking. One of our core strengths is identifying the best words and phrases that match with your customer’s interests. We create useful content for your customers that help to solve their challenges, and naturally build your rankings so your target audience can find you when they need you most.

Optimizing Conversion: Online and Phone

With desktop and mobile search increasing every year, your lead conversion program must be comprehensive and include online and phone. Our approach is to review your site structure, lead capture forms, online chat and any click-to-call capabilities. People expect to be able to reach your company when they have questions or what to make a purchase. Therefore, it is critical to optimize every aspect of your site to ensure valuable prospects do not slip through the cracks.

Customer Targeted Email Marketing

E-mail marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics, so long as it is done well. You need to have the right tools in place in collect email addresses as well as the processes in place to manage your lists and execute successful drip campaigns. We always review email copy and tactics, and evaluate if you email campaigns are targeting customer needs in the most effective ways possible.

Smart Marketing Is Critical To Successful Customer Acquisition

We create plans based on smart marketing. We analyze your business, your customers and your competition to make sure our strategies and tactics do not waste money in the wrong channels. We do not want you to get into a head-to-head battle with a powerful competitor who can outspend you, or to be someplace just because everyone else is there. We want to drive successful results.

Here are some areas we focus on when it comes to building a customer acquisition strategy:

Content Marketing For Customer Acquisition

Content marketing is key weapon in every company’s marketing arsenal. The challenge most businesses experience is a lack of resources and time to produce the right type of content and the volume necessary. We are expert industry analysts, writers and thought leaders who can put together the words, graphics, Webinars and video content that meets the needs of your prospective customers. Connected to our search engine optimization efforts, our content marketing will help drive traffic and conversions.

Customer Analytics / Measuring The Data

Every company needs analytics. In many cases, businesses collect a great deal of data, but do not know how to tell the right story. We have experience implementing new tools and leveraging existing resources to get the right data. We also know how to translate all the numbers into a meaningful story that your business can act on.

Social Media Engagement and Marketing

Social media is typically the last area we focus on, but it does not make it the least important. Depending on your business, social media engagement can be a powerful brand-building tool, either with prospects or existing customers. The key is not to get pulled into the hype around any one channel, but rather treat social media as another place where your customers and prospects go to have conversations. Our success in social media is tied to the fact that we know what, how, when and where your business should contribute.

Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency that can build a successful customer acquisition strategy for your business. We are ready and able to help your company develop and execute a successful strategy that leads to business growth.

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