Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Use Technology and Personalization
To Reach Your Audience

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies And Tactics

The growth of digital technology and personalization has changed the intensity of marketing and its complexity.

The purchase funnel has become a purchase pretzel, filled with twists and turns. Brand identity seems almost detached from products and services, as companies stress emotional connections over traditional pitches. And the worlds of social media, mobile apps and local search are converging around the need of a consumer to be treated like they are unique.

To be successful you must adapt to the world and the changing realities around you. Fail to do so, and failure is not far off.

How do you build a digital marketing strategy that can engage people online, build a strong brand and generate sales? Perhaps even more important, how can small and mid-sized businesses, with limited staff and resources, make these connections?

How To Make The Social Web Work For Your Business

As a business, you need to build social connections online and maximize digital marketing to its fullest. While there are some elements of digital marketing that require experimentation, just about every action you take in the digital space can produce clear ROI, allowing you to quantify your investment in personnel, time and money.

The truth is - we can show you how to do this!

[quote align="left"]At Social Web Tactics, we believe in providing a comprehensive approach that connects marketing success with sales growth.[/quote]

One of the first steps we do at Social Web Tactics is to conduct a thorough analysis of your company's marketing program to date, including a dive into your website data, CRM data and other campaign data that is available.

We a;sp are going to look at your earned media, paid media and owned media, as well as your content and existing social media presence and impact.

Next we will evaluate your web, mobile and tablet strategies. This will include what online traffic you are getting from mobile devices vs tablets vs desktops, the performance of your web infrastructure, any mobile apps you have launched as well as other data.

Now, if you are sitting back and thinking "Oh my God, what are they talking about?!?!" - Please do not worry!

Where there are gaps, we can fill in using simple, cost-effective tools and resources.

Once we have all the information we need, we conduct an analysis of where you are, show you how everything aligns (or does not align) to your business goals, and then provide the next steps to make sure you start making the social web work for your company.

How Long? And How Much?

We've never heard anyone ask either of those two questions before!

How Long?

The time it takes to gather and analyze data from your company, and complete our recommendations will vary from client to client. Every business is at different stages. But what we can tell you is that we take these projects very seriously and recognize that while studying is critical - time is money and everyday you are not acting you are falling behind. Our guarantee is that we will build out a timeline to meet your needs and expectations, and allow us to get the information we need to do an excellent job.

How Much?

Everyone on our team has worked with vendors that over-charge and under-deliver. In fact, we all became so frustrated with paying a premium for standard and uninspired information that we decided to start Social Web Tactics. While we cannot give you a set rate - we will work with your company to keep costs down while simultaneously guaranteeing our work will be the best and most thorough you will receive.

Let's Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy Together

With digital marketing playing a vital role in branding, communication and business development, a skilled review of your existing strategies and a fresh perspective can help you better adapt to the changing market around you. Click here to contact our digital marketing team today or call us at 703-362-1586.