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Education Marketing

Social Web Tactics provides marketing, customer acquisition and enrollment services for elementary and secondary schools, higher education and education technology companies.

We have a great deal of experience building sales and lead generation programs in the education marketplace, writing for the education market, and conducting secondary school marketing and higher education marketing campaigns.

Our work has included projects for Strayer University, K12, Calvert Education, Insight Into Diversity, Campus Climate Surveys, and other schools and education publications and resources.

Our team has improved enrollments and retention through better lead generation programs, increased social media engagement of teachers, parents and students, launched new products / services, strengthened and re-shaped brand messaging, and helped connect systems to generate better data and reporting.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation For Schools and Universities

Building out your marketing strategy begins with a comprehensive marketing assessment. We get to know your school, college or company and its target audience, and conduct the necessary market research and demographic analysis. We also can provide audience personas and list research to improve the success of acquisition efforts.

Then we discuss your brand identity. Where are you in the market? What are you known for? And what do you want to be known for in the future? These conversations help ensure the right guidelines get developed.

The next step is to move into the strategy and planning phase. This is where we create the right kinds of marketing campaigns for your school, college or company.

Once the planning is done, we go into full implementation mode – serving as your creative engine, project manager, and highly detailed workers.

Our Education Marketing Services Include

Identify Your Target Audience

We believe everything starts with accurately identifying who your customer is. We have worked with schools interesting in homeschooling, high performing students, adult learners, diversity professionals, and more. We have conducted detailed market research, analyzed enrollment data, and built customer personas that have improved enrollments and retention rates. We work with your team to build the right customer personas and help identify the right messages to attract prospective students and retain existing students.

Optimize Your School Website

Search engine optimization in the education market is another important component of your marketing efforts. What is your target audience reading? What kinds of information are they searching for?

We have performed keyword research, planning and management for higher education, secondary education, education publications and around education technology. At Strayer University, keyword and URL enhancements dramatically increased year over year organic search results. For other schools, keyword planning was instrumental to content development to help improve the quality of leads and enrollments.

With the growing importance of semantic search in Google, to be successful you need a SEO agency that not only understand search engines, but also understands the education industry.

Student and Alumni E-mail Management

Email is the life-line of communication for most schools, colleges and businesses. In the education market, successful email marketing must focus on how you collect information (web forms, click to chat, phone calls), how you manage and track it (databases), and then how you use it.

At Social Web Tactics, we have worked with schools, colleges and business that use a variety of data-driven systems (Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot) and solutions for creating forms, landing pages and emails.

Reputation Monitoring

Many schools, colleges and businesses do not pay a lot of attention to reputation monitoring. However, in the highly competitive education industry, online reviews can damage your reputation and discourage enrollments or sales.

At Social Web Tactics, we work with vendors and use a variety of aggregation tools to get a pulse on the positive and negative sentiment surrounding your brand. We then work with you to identify and build a team of brand evangelists who can help balance perspective online and help to strengthen your brand identity and reputation.

Create Engaging Marketing Content

Content creation and SEO need to work seamlessly together. We can produce content for your company or organization and connect it to the keywords you want to be optimized around and your customer needs. We conduct a complete content audit and inventory, deliver a competitive analysis, and also build out a detailed editorial calendar with content that is designed to attract your target audience.

Website Usability

In order to communicate your message to potential students, current students, parents, teachers or business contacts, your website and mobile presence needs to be constantly evaluated and adjusted.

We have worked with many organizations to improve website and mobile usability, achieve higher levels of ADA compliance, and ensure that their website design is optimized for lead generation.

Education Marketing Services

Every school is faced with different kinds of lead generation, enrollment, and retention challenges.

As you review your marketing efforts, you may ask some of these questions:

  • Has your target audience changed?
  • Are you having trouble with lead warming campaigns to prospects?
  • Are you generating a good amount of organic and paid traffic, but have low conversions?
  • Do you want to introduce new courses, but you're unsure what to offer?
  • Are you struggling to automate your marketing communications?
  • Do you need help producing compelling content or social media campaigns?
  • Are your alumni programs not generating good results?

To be successful in your education marketing efforts, you need additional resources. But instead of hiring full-time employees, it is often more economical to bring in an experienced team from outside your organization.

Our team can independently review every phase of your marketing operations to give you the insight you need. Then we can deliver the resources you need, such as:

  • Building customer profiles
  • Optimizing your website and landing pages
  • Improving marketing automation and lead nurturing
  • Providing in-depth data and analytics on campaign and website performance, and
  • Creating engaging content marketing that improves traffic and lead conversion

Every school's end goal is to improve the quality and quantity of prospective enrollments, and increase retention. We have worked with some of the leading colleges, schools, and online education providers in the world. We have the technical expertise you need, as well as the marketing skills to tell your story.

Some Of Our Education Clients

SEO, Website Project Management and Content Marketing

We assisted Calvert's migration to a Wordpress website, managed the website development project, produced content and resources for enrollment and retention, as well as SEO.

SEO and Website Management

We provided INSIGHT Into Diversity with SEO services and website management, and developed and deployed their new Campus Climate Surveys website.

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media

Creating content for K12's Learning Liftoff, SEO for the core site and other brands, and a social media campaign during Bully Prevention Month.

SEO, Website Structure, and Content Marketing

We provided a wide range of marketing services that improved website traffic and qualified leads, as well as assisted in retention.

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Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency that has worked with schools, education providers, and education media companies such as Strayer University, K12, and Calvert Edcuation. We are ready and able to help your school, company, or organization develop and execute a successful strategy that leads to business growth.

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