We specialize in working with a number of industries. As a marketing agency, it is critical for us to understand your business and your audience in order to deliver and implement highly-effective marketing and sales strategies.

Our experience spans industries such as: government contracting, higher education, discount retail / mass merchants, food, media, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, recreational boating, health care, technology and more. We have done work in the public and private sectors, as well as work in international markets.

Industries We Specialize In

Below are some of the industries for which we specialize in delivering services. However, we can support many other types of businesses and industries. One of our best assets is our ability to understand what your business is about, why your industry is unique, and how we can reach your audience.

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Accounting / CPA

Accounting professionals and CPAs are in a highly competitive industry with a great deal of very focused topics and search terms. Performing well in Google local search is critical for your firm’s success. We help companies with their listings, reviews and build a content marketing plan around keywords, phrases and topics that will help draw more people to your business website.

Education Marketing

We have a great deal of experience with higher education marketing, secondary school marketing and writing for the education market. Our work has included projects for Strayer University, K12, Calvert Education and education publications and resources. We provide marketing and marketing technology service including but not limited to content, website maintenance, social media management, branding, lead generation and more.

Business to Government Marketing

As a government contractor, you are faced with a significant challenge: how to win business from the largest and most complex organization in the world – the U.S. government. With competition growing every year, and prime contractors actively seeking more small and mid-sized business partners to deliver, your company needs every tactical advantage possible to identify opportunities and present your solutions to the government’s most pressing needs.

Our team has experience marketing generating leads for government contractors into several agencies across the U.S. government landscape. By combining digital and traditional marketing methods, our team has generated hundreds of leads per engagement and helped companies expand their brand identity within the government space.

Law Firm Marketing

Marketing for law firms starts with the recognition that every law firm is a bit different. From the areas of law that they practice, to client base, region they support and more. We recognize that all law firms require a very personalized approach and often an emphasis on local marketing.

Non Profit Marketing

Non profit marketing is unique because all non-profits have different missions and revenue goals. Are you trying to increase membership? Grow a conference? Raise awareness for a cause? We have experience developing successful marketing campaigns – in print, online and in social media. We also have experience working for non profits and industry trade associations. Whatever your group or its mission, we can help.

Political Campaign Marketing

Political campaigns require a great deal of research and coordination. In order to kick-off a campaign, you need conduct issue research, understand your voters and start to build a brand – an identity as a candidate. We work with campaigns on branding, messaging, advertising, content and social media to ensure that you are reaching your audience with the right message.

Startup Marketing

Startup companies need to play careful attention to marketing. You need to make sure your brand is properly established, your brand guidelines are built and you have a phased approach to reaching your target audience that allows you to scale to be successful. Otherwise, you will not generate the leads and sales opportunities you need. We help new businesses properly map out their marketing strategy, build customer personas, develop and execute marketing campaigns and design a strong content marketing and social media strategy.

Technology Marketing

To engage in successful marketing for your tech company, you need to understand your market segments, manage customer expectations and product development, have a solid pricing structure, and be able to respond to audience and customer feedback quickly and accurately. We know how to building marketing activities that take into all of these factors and more to give your company an edge.