Mobile App Usability And Testing

Mobile App Usability and Testing

Mobile apps may be small, but they represent both big challenges and big opportunities.

Interested in having the usability of your app reviewed? Or its functionality tested? Please complete the form, and a member of our team will contact you.

The growth of mobile devices and tablets is outpacing that of desktop computers. Increasingly, companies are building responsive website and mobile apps to reach their target audience with unique and interactive experiences that drive greater engagement.

Development of a mobile app needs to anticipate an even more complex set of personal behaviors, age, demographics, connectivity, location, design restrictions and design opportunities - just to name a few.

But mobile app users are some of the toughest people to convince to engage, and even tougher to keep loyal. Usability testing of your mobile app or mobile app concept is essential to avoid creating the wrong kind of disruptive experience for the people you want to reach.

Be A Good Disruptive Force With Your Mobile App

At Social Web Tactics, our team of marketing, web and mobile experts can provide mobile app usability testing to ensure that you are optimized around the best personal experience possible.

We will:

  • Review and analyze your overall market strategy.
  • Test the functionality to ensure you maximize fundamental mobile features.
  • Examine the information architecture and design flow / visual presentation.
  • Gather detailed input from a large sample of people who meet and do not meet your typical user persona.
  • Study the content, messaging and offerings, and compare that to competitors.
  • Evaluate the overall usability, including but not limited to navigation and support.
  • And more.

For more information about our mobile app usability testing service or to schedule a preliminary meeting, contact us today.