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Our focus is to identify your customer audience, and then deliver the technology, strategy, and tactics that convert audience into opportunities.

Before any marketing or selling takes place, every business must know their customer. We gather the data you need to build a successful marketing and sales strategy. Click to learn more.

Ranking high in search (Google, local, etc) is critical to your success. We can help with a site audit, local search, directories, and more, to help generate greater organic traffic to your website. Click to learn more.

Create the digital and print content you need to create interest in your company. We handle website copy, blog posts, emails, video production, graphic design and more. Click to learn more.

Business to business (B2B), and business to government (B2G) lead generation is a process marketers follow to capture audience interest in a product or service, and then adding those contacts into a marketing and sales pipeline. Click to learn more.

Promotion of your business requires knowledge of advertising laws and restrictions on social networks and ad platforms. We have promoted across AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Click to learn more.

Engaging with your audience on social media is important to your brand and business growth. We provide management and innovative ideas to help get your audience engaged online. Click to learn more.

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How The U.S. Military Uses Instagram

The different service branches of the U.S. Military have increased their use of social media, including Instagram. This page includes data and statistics of how they use Instagram.

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Public Relations: How To Raise Public Awareness
While many companies think about their business operations and marketing, few spend as much time thinking about how to raise public or community awareness. Public relations is an important part of business success. Regardless of what your business makes or offers in the way of services, your primary function is to build relationships. Relationships are
LinkedIn - Connect To Opportunity
This is going to be more of a quick rant, than well-designed blog post. If you send me (or anyone) a LinkedIn message, be it from InMail, or a message because you want to connect, or a message because we have connected in the past, make sure that you have read my LinkedIn profile. Seriously!
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Where to Find Content Marketing Inspiration, Photo by Una Laurencic
Often when I start a content marketing project or campaign, I am asked to create plans that help build up interest in a new product, service or announcement. Things that the company really cares about. Yet, for companies that lack a new product, service or announcement, they struggle with considering what a content marketing campaign
When Super Bowl mania hits, it can really take over in ways that are fun, and unexpected. I was delighted to see the Boston Museum of Fine Art (@MFABoston) take on Atlanta’s High Museum of Art (@HighMuseumofArt) in #MuseumBowl. This contest has pitted the creativity of each museum’s social media team to make Super Bowl-themed posts using
Ready for Content Marketing
  There’s a great deal of information on the web about how to implement a content marketing plan. But applying that plan can often be difficult for businesses that view it as a cure-all for proving their knowledge. There are several different levels to a content marketing plan and the first part is to ask yourself how
Social Media
It all started with an innocent tweet from a Frederick County Public School (FCPS) student. The social media manager for the FCPS social media pages, Katie Nash, responded by tweeting: The tweet was popular. It received over 1,100 retweets, and over 1,400 “likes” in Twitter. The student who Ms. Nash engaged with online tweeted later
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