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Our focus is to identify your customer audience, and then deliver the technology, strategy, and tactics that convert audience into opportunities.

Before any marketing or selling takes place, every business must know their customer. We gather the data you need to build a successful marketing and sales strategy. Click to learn more.

Ranking high in search (Google, local, etc) is critical to your success. We can help with a site audit, local search, directories, and more, to help generate greater organic traffic to your website. Click to learn more.

Create the digital and print content you need to create interest in your company. We handle website copy, blog posts, emails, video production, graphic design and more. Click to learn more.

Business to business (B2B), and business to government (B2G) lead generation is a process marketers follow to capture audience interest in a product or service, and then adding those contacts into a marketing and sales pipeline. Click to learn more.

Promotion of your business requires knowledge of advertising laws and restrictions on social networks and ad platforms. We have promoted across AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Click to learn more.

Engaging with your audience on social media is important to your brand and business growth. We provide management and innovative ideas to help get your audience engaged online. Click to learn more.

Marketing automation increases sales productivity (14.5%) while reducing marketing overhead (12.2%). Are you using a marketing automation system?

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Information You Need To Make A Difference In Marketing

Our Monthly Industry Marketing Trends include a detailed looked at key industry trends, news, and marketing tactics that will help your business or organization better define its strategy and implement the right tactics for success.

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How The U.S. Military Uses Instagram

The different service branches of the U.S. Military have increased their use of social media, including Instagram. This page includes data and statistics of how they use Instagram.


We have provided marketing and automation support for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

Business To Government Marketing

With competition growing every year, and prime contractors actively seeking more small and mid-sized business partners to deliver, your company needs every tactical advantage possible to identify opportunities and present your solutions to the government’s most pressing needs.

Our team has experience with B2G marketing, as well as lead generation for government contractors looking to establish teams for contracts or reach into government agencies.

By combining digital and traditional marketing methods, our team has generated hundreds of leads per engagement and helped companies expand their brand identity within the government space.

Education Marketing

Social Web Tactics provides marketing, customer acquisition and enrollment services for elementary and secondary schools, higher education and education technology companies.

We have a great deal of experience building sales and lead generation programs in the education marketplace, writing for the education market, and conducting secondary school marketing and higher education marketing campaigns.

Our work has included projects for Strayer University, K12, Calvert Education, Insight Into Diversity, Campus Climate Surveys, and other schools and education publications and resources.

Our team has improved enrollments and retention through better lead generation programs, increased social media engagement of teachers, parents and students, launched new products / services, strengthened and re-shaped brand messaging, and helped connect systems to generate better data and reporting.

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We cover the latest trends in content marketing, social media, and marketing technology. Our team also provides tips on ways businesses can market more effectively.

Forbes Native Advertisement On Cover
People can debate and good and bad of native advertising. I have heard it from all sides. The basic reality is that media exists because of advertising. If you are a publisher and think native ads diminish your brand or taint your perspective or the trust of your consumers, the only absolute is to stop
How To Fight Off Procrastination
Procrastination is defined as intentionally and habitually putting off the doing of something that should be done. Let’s face it: We all procrastinate. In fact, research conducted by psychologists and published by the American Psychological Association, state that between 20% and 30% of Americans are chronic procrastinators. We put off writing holiday cards, cleaning the basement,
Beacons for Micro-Location Alerting
Mobile technology and global positioning (GPS) have substantially altered our daily lives from how we communicate, shop, research and travel. Over 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone, with a majority of devices possessing a built-in GPS capability (The FCC is striving to have all phones possess a GPS capability by 2018 to enhance
Search and Success PPT Cover: How To Make Your Website, Content Marketing And SEO Pay
This presentation covers how to tie SEO, content marketing and social media together with an information architecture and conversion strategy that will not only bring in more traffic, but help you turn more of that traffic into growth on the bottom line. The Presentation Agenda 1) Background (Terms, B2B And B2C Marketing Trends, SEO, ETC)
Loudoun County Field Hockey League Logo
The Loudoun County Field Hockey League was born over a three-week period of time beginning in mid-August of 2014. Like any new organization, we did not have any web or social media presence. As we started to plan what we needed to do, we set goals to capture key local search terms as quickly as possible.
Stein Mart Logo
Decision adds fuel to debate about whether Americans prefer stores opened or closed on Thanksgiving Day On November 4th, Stein Mart’s CEO, Jay Stein, posted a message on Facebook announcing that the company was going to open for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day. The decision immediately drew a great deal of criticism from customers that actively


There is a lot that goes on in building out a strategic marketing plan for your company or organization. Below is a simple roadmap for how we work.

From planning to execution - our team will work with yours to get the right results.


We work with your team to build out customer / buyer personas, and compile a detailed list of your competition. Our analysis creates detailed profiles of who you are trying to message, and what your competitors are doing successfully.


The next step is to build out marketing and/or lead generation strategies that accomplish your goals and fit within your budget.


The last phases is execution - where we kick-off the plan and get to work with your team. We keep track of deadlines and milestones, manage activities, control quality and costs, and make sure we achieve our goals.