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Search Engine Optimization For Your Business or Organization

Search engines are our answer engines. If you are not in the first tier of search results, your organization will not be found by your target audience. Our goal is to identify the keywords and phrases that connect with your audience, and then optimize your site so that its context and structure best match what people are searching for - earning you the visibility you need.

Audience & Competitor Analysis

Your customers are not an algorithm. In our view, every project needs to start with people - specifically - your customers and your competitors. We get into your target audience, your products / services, and how your competition is structuring their marketing operations. Why? Because while improving organic search results in Google is important, you won't be successful unless the your optimized around the right message: the message that attracts your customers.

SEO Audit

A SEO audit is critical to gain insight into your website's most critical technical and content issues that are impacting your ranking in search engines. We look at how your site is coded, page structure, keywords, content and more, as well as gather customer and competitor information, to highlight where you are missing opportunities for organic traffic.

Keyword and Phrase Research

After we review audience and conduct a site audit, the next step is keyword and phrase research. We analyze your current website, review customer interests and popular search terms, and then review the websites of your competitors to ensure we have identified the most comprehensive list of words and phrases. We then use that list to map the keywords and phrases to your audience interests and your product and service offerings. This is the best way to ensure that your website will be correctly optimized for search engines. We want the organic traffic you receive to be as qualified as possible. Qualified visitors is what will generate sales.

Why is search engine optimization important for your business?

SEO is series of steps designed to get your website to rank higher in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. At Social Web Tactics, we help give your company a better chance of being seen and engaged with online by your target audience.

Search engines have become our answer engines.

Over 80% of all Americans will use a search engine. Over 70% of all adults will use a search engine on a daily basis.

With all those searches going on, over 90% of people who use search will click on links on the first page of results. If you are not in the first couple of pages of search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines, you will not be discovered through organic search.

SEO Requires Attention To Detail

We believe successful SEO requires great attention to detail and smart work.

Optimizing your website starts with a detailed site audit and keyword / phrase / topic review. We also want to review your target audience (any customer / buyer personas) to make sure we understand WHO you are trying to connect with online.

Depending on your needs, we can review your site architecture, examine inbound and outbound links, check for toxic links, update content on key landing pages, build a content marketing strategy, as well as develop and implement a smart, white hat link-building program.

Other factors that may come into play include Google penalty recovery, correcting duplicate content issues, local search (especially important for service businesses, retailers, restaurants and more), optimized videos and images, and more.

Overall, you can trust our approach, because we stay current on the latest SEO trends and best practices.

Additional Search Engine Optimization Services

In addition to covering the basics, we also provide a wide array of other services, including: Link Building, Google Penalty Recovery, Content Distribution, and detailed Analytics Reports and Success Measurement.

Link Buildling

Successful link building has changed. While some can be success doing it the old way (asking for links), we prefer to have your business on the front line of important news stories, industry research, and other types of valuable content that reach decision-makers. To make this happen, we combine our keyword research with looking at key industry influencers. We then can build out a strategy that builds links on sites with high authority, and with people and businesses who have better reputations. This helps ensure your organic traffic is a higher quality.

Content Distribution

Unlike content promotion, which is paid, content distribution relies on free channels. The channel depends on your target audience. Our team has experience reaching channels for B2C, B2B and B2G businesses.

Analytics and Measurement

One of the biggest reasons why SEO efforts fail is due to a lack of measurement and knowing when a campaign has been successful. We will work with your team to determine what success looks like - and provide detailed, but easy-to-understand reports. We thrive on data, and our data analysts help to both gather and interpret large sets of data in order to drive campaigns in the right direction. We dive deep to pinpoint opportunities that are unique to you and your needs.

Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency and has helped optimize websites and improve organic search results for B2C, B2B, and B2G businesses over the last decade. We are ready and able to help your company develop and execute a successful SEO strategy that leads to more organic traffic.

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