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    Customer Personas / Profiles

    Your businesses marketing and sales strategy depends on you knowing who your prospective customers are and what they are interested in. Our customer profiling and persona development service is designed to help identify the people who will be potential buyers and how to communicate with them.

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    SEO Site Audit

    An SEO Site Audit is important, because it allows us to identify technical challenges with your website that need to be fixed. We will identify broken links, missing image tags, sitemaps and other technical aspects of your website’s code. From this audit we can fix what needs to be fixed, as well as provide you with website architecture improvements, link building recommendations, ways to optimize content and and more.

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    Keyword Development

    Social Web Tactics provides on-going topic and keyword research. We do this to stay on top of what people are searching for, so we can constantly connect their needs to your products and services. We ask questions, such as: Is the keyword relevant to your company’s mission? Will people find what they are looking for on your company’s website? Then we look at search volume, competitiveness and other factors to constantly refresh the strategy and our efforts.

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    Content Creation

    Instead of aggressive push marketing and sales messages, successful content marketing and blogging is about carefully crafting a plan of customer engagement that focuses on building trust, producing valuable and actionable content, listening and knowing when to respond and how to respond. Hence our belief that great content is customer-centric. Social Web Tactics can help with all your content needs, including blog posts, website content, articles, infographics and video.


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