Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing
For Your Business, Organization, or Government Agency


Before any marketing or selling takes place, every business must know their customer. We gather the data you need to build a successful marketing and sales strategy.


We start by gathering some basic insights on your industry and marketplace, and then dive into researching the market and its competitors in greater detail. This helps us to build a foundation for additional discovery.


Once we have some of the details, we get into the interview phase of the discovery process. Interviews of your customers and your internal staff are essential to understanding both your target audience and your marketing operations. We also may interview prospects and customers of your competitors (if they are willing).


The final phase is building the customer / buyer personas, and then connecting them to either your existing marketing operations, or, outline strategies that will better communicate your offerings to your audience. The key to this phase is developing a “plan for action.”


Ranking high in search (Google, local, etc) is critical to your success. We can help with a site audit, local search, directories, and more, to help generate greater organic traffic to your website.


Your customers are not an algorithm. In our view, every project needs to start with people - specifically - your customers and your competitors. We get into your target audience, your products / services, and how your competition is structuring their marketing operations. Our goal is to optimized around the right message: the message that attracts your customers.


A SEO audit is critical to gain insight into your website's most critical technical and content issues that are impacting your ranking in search engines. We look at how your site is coded, page structure, keywords, content and more, as well as gather customer and competitor information, to highlight where you are missing opportunities for organic traffic.


After we review audience and conduct a site audit, the next step is keyword and phrase research. We analyze your current website, review customer interests and popular search terms, and then review the websites of your competitors to ensure we have identified the most comprehensive list of words and phrases. We then use that list to map the keywords and phrases to your audience interests and your offerings.


Effective content marketing is essential to telling your story and attracting customers to your business. We specialize in content marketing that grabs the attention of your audience. We want to engage people on-line and in-person, and encourage them to take an interest in your company.


Content creation and SEO need to work seamlessly together. We can produce content for your company or organization and connect it to the keywords you want to be optimized around and your customer needs. We conduct a complete content audit and inventory, deliver a competitive analysis, and also build out a detailed editorial calendar with content that is designed to attract your target audience.


Every company (big or small) thinks video production and graphic design is too costly, too time consuming or both. But telling your story in an engaging video or graphic is critical for the success of your brand. We can help with storyboarding, filming, and production, as well as graphic design, to develop the content you need.


Every company (big or small) thinks video production and graphic design is too costly, too time consuming or both. But telling your story in an engaging video or graphic is critical for the success of your brand. We can help with storyboarding, filming, and production, as well as graphic design, to develop the content you need.


By automating, you improve lead quality and improve communication by connecting all your channel marketing activities. If you want to drive more sales opportunities from your leads, then talk with SWT.


The market for marketing automation has grown. As a result, there are more companies than ever before – and new solutions launching. Should you use HubSpot, Marketo, Agile, Influsionsoft, or another system? We know the best enterprise to small business solutions, so we can get you started with the right solution for your current needs, future growth, and budget.


Not every company has staff to support a marketing automation system implementation. We have experience in a wide variety of systems, and can not only take on that burden, but also help provide your internal team with the training it needs at no extra cost.


There are many features and functions within marketing automation solutions that allow you to integrate all your channel marketing activities, such as email and lead capture from online forms. We have a highly trained team that provide support or take on much of the day-to-day management of your marketing automation for less than the cost of a full-time employee.


When it comes to B2B or B2G lead generation we know the methods that produce the best results. Our focus is on improving your lead generation efforts through strong marketing communications, channel integration, and measurement. Take a look at what we have to offer, and let's talk about your company and its needs.

B2B and B2G Webinars

Companies often lack the internal resources and expertise to plan, organize and implement a successful B2B and B2G Webinar program. This can generate disappointing results despite the cost savings to the marketing budget and bottom line. We have over 10 years experience creating targeted, “challenge-market-solution” styled Webinars that bring strategic partners together and highlight the value of your company’s offerings.


Outbound calling is often a necessary part of lead generation, or as part of Webinar and event management. We work with companies to prepare before any calling is started. In other cases, we work with third-parties to manage their calling activities. We work with a high-level of professionalism, and make sure everyone making outbound calls is trained and knowledgeable about both the company and subject matter to ensure credibility.


Nothing beats a personal touch, and event marketing is another area where the team at Social Web Tactics can assist your business in creating, promoting and managing an event for lead generation and education purposes. We have extensive experience with trade shows having worked in some of the leading shows for industries such as retail, housewares, media, food, technology, and more.


Listen and engage. Smart social media tells your story, builds your brand, and grows your audience. We have managed social media campaigns for companies like Deltek, K12, Strayer University, and more. We know how to create content that engages people online, and gets the conversation going.


Listening is always a critical first step in social media marketing. In order to participate in conversations, you need to know what the key topics are, and how people interact with one another online.


Every industry is filled with important influencers. From education to retail, travel to technology, and business to government, there are experts and there are people who drive the tone of online conversations. We will identify the key influencers for your target audience, and build a plan for engagement.


Once we have listened and identified the key influencers, we will build and execute an engagement plan for your business - and target the right social networks that will reach your audience. We also promote your content through online advertising.