Social Media In Higher Education

Bridgewater College

Social Media At Bridgewater College

How does Bridgewater College use social media? How do they promote their school and activities? And do they use it for recruitment? Overall, what is successful about Bridgewater College's social media activity, and what could use improvement?

Bridgewater College Profile

Bridgewater College, is a private, coeducational, four-year liberal-arts college located in Bridgewater, a town in Rockingham County, Virginia, United States. Established in 1880, Bridgewater College admitted both men and women from the time of its founding and was the first private, co-educational, liberal arts college in Virginia to do so. Enrollment is above 1,800 students.


Key Points of Contact for Bridgewater College


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Most popular social media channels for Bridgewater College

(Based on "followers" or "likes" or "subscribers" - whichever number is larger. Data taken as of 4/2/2018. Data calculated by Social Web Tactics)

  • Bridgewater College Facebook (8,414 Likes)
  • @BridgewaterNews (3,657)
  • Bridgewater College on Instagram (2,743)
  • Bridgewater College on YouTube (589)

Facebook Represents Largest Audience for Bridgewater College

A vast majority of Bridgewater's social media audience is connected on Facebook. With over 8,400 "likes" it is the most popular single account. In total, there are 55 Facebook accounts for various Bridgewater College departments, teams, and organizations. There are 31 Twitter accounts, 26 Instagram accounts, 4 YouTube channels.

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