Social Media Statistics

An Ongoing Collection of Data
On The World's Leading Social Media Networks

Social Media Statistics

What social networks have the most active users?

Who uses each of the different social networks, and why?

When are the best times to share content or reach your audience?

The Internet has changed the way we consume information, and interact with people and brands online.

From the old days of dialing into a Bulletin Board Service (BBS), to accessing America Online or Prodigy, using our computers (and now tablets and mobile devices) to access information online has expanded the social web, and brought us face-to-face with people in ways that were not possible 20 or 30 years ago.

We define "Social Media" as any interactive tool that allows people to create and share information through online networks or communities. That information can take any form, and be written text, an image, a photo, audio or video. Social media also implies that there is some interaction between a producer or sharer of information, and a consumer of that information.

As you would expect, that means social media and their corresponding social networks covers a wide number of companies and platforms. For our purposes, we will track most of the popular social media websites, and as time goes on, we will add new, emerging portals and networks. Much will depending on the data that is available. To start, we are interested in tracking: Facebook, Gab, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Baidu Tieba, Google+, YouTube, Viber, Snapchat, Weibo and WeChat.

In our evolving social media statistics dashboard, we are collecting data from social networks and third-party data providers to capture some of the most important and actionable social media statistics available.

Our goal is to share how people, governments and businesses use social networks / social media to interact online. Who is using which platform? Why? And what does effective use of social media look like?

Social Media Data

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Social Media Statistics

Which social network / platform has the most active users?

(Data collected from various third-party sources. Last updated 1/7/2017. Data calculated by Social Web Tactics)

  • Facebook (1.18 Billion Active Users / Month)
  • Google+ (110 Million Active Users)
  • WhatsApp (# of Active Users)
  • Tumblr (# of Active Users)
  • Instagram (# of Active Users)
  • Twitter (# of Active Users)
  • Baidu Tieba (# of Active Users)
  • Pinterest (# of Active Users)
  • LinkedIn (# of Active Users)
  • Gab (# of Active Users)
  • Google +(# of Active Users)
  • YouTube (# of Active Users)
  • Viber (# of Active Users)
  • Snapchat (# of Active Users)
  • Sina Weibo (# of Active Users)
  • WeChat (# of Active Users)
  • Reddit (# of Active Users)

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