Social Media

Listen and engage. Smart social media tells your story,
builds your brand, and grows your audience.

Social Media Marketing

We have managed social media campaigns for companies like Deltek, K12, Strayer University, and more. We know how to create content that engages people online, and gets the conversation going.


Listening is always a critical first step in social media marketing. In order to participate in conversations, you need to know what the key topics are, and how people interact with one another online.

Influencer Identification

Every industry is filled with important influencers. From education to retail, travel to technology, and business to government, there are experts and there are people who drive the tone of online conversations. We will identify the key influencers for your target audience, and build a plan for engagement.

Social Media Engagement

Once we have listened and identified the key influencers, we will build and execute an engagement plan for your business - and target the right social networks that will reach your audience.

Social Media Promotion

Promoting your content through online advertising can be a highly effective way at reaching new audiences and potential customers. We have extensive experience using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more for content promotion.

Content Distribution

Unlike content promotion, which is paid, content distribution relies on free channels. The channel depends on your target audience. Our team has experience reaching channels for B2C and B2B marijuana businesses.

Success Measurement

One of the biggest reasons why social media campaigns fail is due to a lack of measurement and knowing when a campaign has been successful. We will work with your team to determine what success looks like - and provide detailed, but easy-to-understand reports.

Why is social media important for your business?

Every business owner knows that they need to use social media to engage their audience. The exposure generated and ability to connect with people has everyone trying to figure out what their social media strategy should be and how they measure it.

However, it is in the setting up of a social media strategy where most businesses fail.

How much time and effort should a company spend on social media? And how does the business measure its results?

Are You Ready To Go Social?

When building any kind of relationship online you should realize that like in-person relationships they take a long time to build and can be damaged or destroyed very quickly. It takes a special kind of online relationship expert to make your social presence felt and maintain a consistent and positive voice. You cannot rely on hiring someone young who lacks experience. Your company also cannot hire a company that may talk about the power of social media, but not fully understand your business goals or your customers.

Social media marketing needs to be done the right way from the start, so you can build a positive brand identity, improve customer sentiment and generate future sales.

You can and should measure the success of your social media campaigns and efforts. ROI for social media is possible if you are engaged in the right kinds of activities.

The Social Media team at Social Web Tactics is specially trained to help businesses connect with other businesses and consumers in social networks – be they established networks like Facebook or online communities you have grown.

We have worked in unique business-to-business networks designed for the public and private sector, as well as consumer-driven and personalized networks built around a diverse set of interests. Analyzing online interactions, interests and needs, and mapping strategies and tactics is what we do best.

Social Web Tactics is a digital marketing and sales agency and has created, managed, and delivered engaging social media campaigns for a wide variety of different audiences. We are ready and able to help your company develop and execute a successful strategy that leads to business growth.

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