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Marijuana News Hub - Social Web Tactics
This post, International Roundup On Marijuana News For September, originally appeared in the New Frontier CannaBit blog. The U.S. market continues to dominate news coverage. And with numerous marijuana legalization laws scheduled to be voted on in November, the news focus on these efforts and other stories won’t likely dissipate. However, there are some interesting
Colorado Sign
This post, Colorado Marijuana Businesses and Tourism Show Strong Growth, originally appeared in the New Frontier CannaBit blog. The business landscape in Colorado has changed dramatically since voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana in 2014. In Denver, for example, there are almost 400 listings for marijuana dispensaries in the popular
2016 Election - President - Logo
This post, Where Do The Presidential Candidates Stand On Marijuana Legalization?, originally appeared in the New Frontier CannaBit blog. Pro-cannabis positions reflect changing American attitudes towards the issue For an election that has been defined by disagreements, harsh rhetoric, and historically high disapproval of the Democratic and Republican Party nominees, the 2016 Presidential Election also

MIT Enterprise Forum

MIT Enterprise Forum - DC and Baltimore
I was very excited to connect with Matthew Falls in August. Matt is the Chapter President of the MIT Enterprise Forum for the Washington, DC and Baltimore regions. He is an expert in local government operations, budgeting, financing, workforce development and collaborative leadership. He worked for many years in various roles at the US Department of Commerce,
We have all heard that big data is transforming the way we live and how we conduct business. But how? And what is Big Data really mean? Put simply, Big Data is a popular term used to describe complex sets of information that require more advanced applications for processing and analyzing. In order to better
Pavlok Electric Wrist Band - Habit Formation
Question: WOULD YOU TRY THIS PRODUCT? Pavlok is one-button wristband. When you are about to do something that is a bad habit, such as break your diet, you push the button and it sends a “safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your wrist.” The idea is that the shock of electricity, or the “unpleasant
There Are No Limits
Every once in a while I get an email from someone or have an interaction through work where I ask myself, “Why are you saying no?” I have run into this working at so many companies, and through consulting and political work. And the same types of people always give you their long list of
Avoid Boring Content Marketing
In response the yesterday’s webinar, I’ve received some comments and read some posts that challenge content marketing or suggest that it may be waning in popularity. I do not mind the notion that we will stop talking about “content marketing,” because the reality is that content marketing is just another way to say “marketing.” I
How To Create Content Marketing Strategy For Your Company - Michael Hackmer - Social Web Tactics
Content marketing is used to engage prospects and customers with important pieces of knowledge designed to help them and their business. Your goal with content marketing is to inform and engage. However, many companies do not know how to build an effective strategy. Others struggle with implementing a content marketing plan. And almost everyone has
Joe Maddon - Chicago Cubs - Visualized Success
“I’ve visualized this. I’ve already visualized the next step. We’ll see how it all plays out. But you’ve got to be a little bit of a dreamer to make it all come true.” The above quote was from Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs Manager, after his team won a playoff series last night against the St. Louis

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