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To Our Imagination." - Henry David Thoreau

Senator Rand Paul Looking Cool
Corie Stephens from Rare (articles / @CorieWStephens) reports that Rand Paul will live stream his movements on the campaign trail for the entire day, concluding with him watching the Democratic presidential debate later tonight on CNN and commenting on Democratic candidate positions. The live stream can be watched via the campaign’s UStream channel ( and should be accessible
Social Media Report - Top Social Media Channels
Companies often struggle with how to validate their social media efforts. What is needed is a comprehensive social media report that goes beyond “likes” and “account growth” and tells a story of how your social media activities are really performing. I am a big believer that all data should be able to tell a story. Most
Goal Setting - Business Goals
I always tell people to set goals based on what you want to achieve, and then work hard – relentlessly in fact – and achieve them. This is especially true for companies. After all, if the goal is important to you and to the success of your business, why would you ever want to cut
K12 Zero Bullying - Unite For What's Right
It is great to see a campaign I was involved in from the start get launched. Back in August of 2015, I started pulling people together to plan out what K12 was going to do for National Bully Prevention month, which takes place in October. The prior year, the company had collected signatures from people who
There is growing conversation about the local on-demand economy or what some are calling the “Uberfication” of our local and mobile services. This trend is not something unforeseen. The concept of localization, decentralized organizations and businesses, and greater personalization in the marketplace is something Alvin Toffer wrote about decades ago when he revealed his concept
Top 50 Blogs
Everyone has their favorite blogs and websites. For me, I focus on a few industries and topic areas that really interest me, professional based resources for marketing and sales, news sites that I think are a cut above the propaganda and spin news cycles that dominate in the U.S., and sites / blogs that are
Forbes Native Advertisement On Cover
People can debate and good and bad of native advertising. I have heard it from all sides. The basic reality is that media exists because of advertising. If you are a publisher and think native ads diminish your brand or taint your perspective or the trust of your consumers, the only absolute is to stop
How To Fight Off Procrastination
Procrastination is defined as intentionally and habitually putting off the doing of something that should be done. Let’s face it: We all procrastinate. In fact, research conducted by psychologists and published by the American Psychological Association, state that between 20% and 30% of Americans are chronic procrastinators. We put off writing holiday cards, cleaning the basement,
Beacons for Micro-Location Alerting
Mobile technology and global positioning (GPS) have substantially altered our daily lives from how we communicate, shop, research and travel. Over 90 percent of Americans own a cell phone, with a majority of devices possessing a built-in GPS capability (The FCC is striving to have all phones possess a GPS capability by 2018 to enhance
Search and Success PPT Cover: How To Make Your Website, Content Marketing And SEO Pay
This presentation covers how to tie SEO, content marketing and social media together with an information architecture and conversion strategy that will not only bring in more traffic, but help you turn more of that traffic into growth on the bottom line. The Presentation Agenda 1) Background (Terms, B2B And B2C Marketing Trends, SEO, ETC)

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