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This is going to be more of a quick rant, than well-designed blog post. If you send me (or anyone) a LinkedIn message, be it from InMail, or a message because you want to connect, or a message because we have connected in the past, make sure that you have read my LinkedIn profile. Seriously!
Often when I start a content marketing project or campaign, I am asked to create plans that help build up interest in a new product, service or announcement. Things that the company really cares about. Yet, for companies that lack a new product, service or announcement, they struggle with considering what a content marketing campaign
When Super Bowl mania hits, it can really take over in ways that are fun, and unexpected. I was delighted to see the Boston Museum of Fine Art (@MFABoston) take on Atlanta’s High Museum of Art (@HighMuseumofArt) in #MuseumBowl. This contest has pitted the creativity of each museum’s social media team to make Super Bowl-themed posts using
There’s a great deal of information on the web about how to implement a content marketing plan. But applying that plan can often be difficult for businesses that view it as a cure-all for proving their knowledge. There are several different levels to a content marketing plan and the first part is to ask yourself how much
Social Media
It all started with an innocent tweet from a Frederick County Public School (FCPS) student. The social media manager for the FCPS social media pages, Katie Nash, responded by tweeting: The tweet was popular. It received over 1,100 retweets, and over 1,400 “likes” in Twitter. The student who Ms. Nash engaged with online tweeted later
Campus Climate Surveys Website
We are extremely excited to announce that our client, Campus Climate Surveys, launched its website in the latter part of 2016, along with several new services for diversity professionals in the higher education market. Growing Campus Diversity Is Fueling A Need For Greater Insight One of the most pressing issues for colleges and universities is
NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack Gets Megyn Kelly By Asking Her What She Wants
The NYT story that reports Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC produced a really interesting paragraph at the end (it really should have been at the top of the article). According to a source, Andrew Lack, who is the chairman of NBC News, “won over Ms. Kelly by starting the talks with a

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