Storytelling and Content Marketing

Every company needs compelling stories built on a strong content marketing strategy and flawless execution.

How to Inspire Action from Audience through Compelling Content Marketing

Storytelling and content marketing are essential to successful communications, marketing and sales campaigns. We can help you and your team engage your audience with compelling content that is on brand and mission, as well as on budget and on time.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling has become one of the most sought-after tactics in marketing. The ability to weave a complete narrative that not only amplifies your product, solution or service, but relates to people. But what is storytelling?

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Content Strategy

Effective storytelling and marketing is not possible without a comprehensive content strategy. Social Web Tactics helps clients find their voice, their message, and articulate what makes them unique and valuable.

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Content Creation

We can help your organization by creating content that stands out and delivers the information your prospects and customers need.

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AI tools like ChatGPT can help organizations scale production, but the content quality will be low. In a survey of over 1,700 marketers and business owners, 45% said that human research into keywords with an eye on audience intent was critical to reaching the right people. 38% said that analyzing and responding to specific customer issues was important to prospective customers searching online.

Storytelling and Content Marketing Services that Position You for Success

Telling a compelling story is about understanding people and how they relate to you. We do the research necessary to identify the tangible and emotional needs your audience has, and create content that engages and generates action.

Content Strategy

We build a connected content marketing strategy that focuses on high-quality and relevant content for your audience at each step of their journey. Our work includes a content audit, search and web analysis, audience profile and business goals. We create a strategy designed to engage, deepen engagements, and ultimately help your organization achieve its mission.

Content Journey Mapping

We map the different stages your prospects and customers take when engaging with you and create content for each step of the journey. We help you create awareness, deepen engagements for greater consideration, provide resources so people can evaluate what you offer, and influence the decision-making process.

Demand & Lead Generation

We provide both demand generation, which raises brand awareness and increases demand, and lead generation, which focuses on converting engaged audiences into quality leads. Our tactics are designed to cover every touchpoint of a prospect’s journey with the goal of building a sustainable pipeline of opportunities.

White Papers & Guides

White papers and guides are important, researched and informative documents that business, government and organization leaders depend on to deepen their understanding of complex topics. We help teams identify the best topics, identify and interview subject matter experts, conduct research and write papers. We also can produce final documents to meet your Brand's guidelines.

Solutions Briefs

Solutions briefs are typically two-page documents that technology companies use to illustrate a challenge facing different industry segments and how their solution or combination of solutions solves that problem. Solution briefs are not necessarily technical in nature, but they can be. We have experience with technical briefs, and can create outlines, interview subject matter experts, and write briefs to help showcase your solution's value.

Articles & Blog Posts

We have a team of excellent writers and have honed our process for article and blog post creation over the last 15+ years. Our process includes: topic selection (making sure topics meet customer needs and have value in search engines), subject matter expert interviews, outlines, comprehensive research, content creation, supporting graphics / images, and more. We have written articles across a number of industries and audience segments, and focus on high-quality content (no fluff and no click-bait).


Websites are gateways for digital engagement. We review the technical elements and the user experience and build a comprehensive approach to improve website performance. Everything from content to navigation is reviewed. Our skilled team of web experts also can lend support to help make any site updates.

Webinars & Videos

Our has team has created, moderated and spoken in hundreds of webinars going back over the last 20 years. We also have produced and scripted videos from short teasers and promos to explainer videos, product / service descriptions, education and training. Video content is an excellent way to help audiences see your offerings up close, and create a visual experience.


Podcasts have been very popular, especially for busy decision-makers looking to maximize their time when they are driving to work or exercising. We have helped produce and create podcasts, and can work with media partners or directly to get a single podcast or a series produced and launched. We script out events, practice to ensure all speakers feel prepared, and can handle recording, editing and final production.

Email Campaigns

When done well, email is still one of the most effective communications tools. We analyze past email campaign data and help build engaging promotional campaigns as well as effective nurture campaigns. From compelling subjects and preview text to enticing copy, we will help improve open rates, click rates and conversions.

Social Media Posts

Social media is an important medium, but not all social media channels are right for your organization. We work with clients to find the best channels based on their audiences, create a sustainable strategy that can grow over time, identify the metrics to determine if your social media activity is successful, and help you create content that will inform and engage.

Analytics and Metrics

Websites, emails, advertising campaigns, social media activity, and traditional media programs all generate data. For our team, seeing website analysis and campaign metrics are essential to determine if we are being successful. Our teams know how to analyze data, see the stories data tells, and adapt to the trends to ensure all our marketing and sales initiatives are achieving the right results.

Thought Leadership on Storytelling and Content Marketing

Our mission is to provide businesses, organizations and government with insights into trends and solutions for better communication and engagement. Here are some of our latest assets.

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