Target Audience

Reaching your target audience requires market research and accurate buyer personas.

How to Reach Your Target Audience and Build Effective Personas

Identifying your target audience, creating a strategy to reach them, and building accurate buyer personas are critical to your business. Without knowing your audience, your organization cannot achieve its mission or goals. We perform the research necessary to locate your audience and create a plan for outreach and engagement.

What is a Target Audience?

Learn what a target audience is, how you can identify your audience, and how a "target audience" and customer or "buyer persona" are different.

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Finding your Target Audience

Using data and analytics as well as customer research, we work with your team to help find your target audience. We also learn from our research what key messages your audience responds to and what pain points they have. All of this gets put together into a detailed planning and resource guide to help drive marketing and sales.

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Creating Customer / Buyer Personas

Search engines are today's answer engines. They are designed to connect people with the information they are looking for. We can help you optimize your website, content and messaging to ensure you deliver what people need.

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68% of B2B buyers selected a vendor because they "demonstrated stronger knowledge of our company and needs" than competitors.

62% chose their vendor because they were provided higher quality content.

This is based on a survey of 340 B2B executives (43% at companies with at least $50 million in revenue) conducted by Demand Gen Report / Demandbase and appearing in Marketing Charts.

Target Audience Identification Services that Position You for Success

Every business, organization or government agency can be successful and fulfill their mission. But not everyone is positioned for success. We help by creating a winning strategy, identifying the technology that solves problems and meets your needs, and creating the right kinds of engagements.

Strategic Planning

When you need to reach your target audience, you need to have a strategic plan. We work with your team to either help build a strategic plan or work with you to ensure your existing plan is sound and meets your needs. Strategic planning is a critical first step in identifying your target audience.

Defining Goals

Every campaign or initiative needs a set of defined, measurable goals. People need to know what success will look like as the campaign progresses and whether or not you have achieved what you set out to do. We help organizations set reasonable goals and stretch goals.

Build Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people who have the job titles and functional roles, education, challenges, and goals that best align to the products and/or services that you provide. We help to reach the people who need you, and have a part to play in the decision-making and purchasing processes.

Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of someone in your target audience. We build personas, because they often help to better understand a specific person's interests, needs, and pain points. Personas help you get into the mind of a particular buyer, and better target your messaging.


Audience messaging needs to be accurate, otherwise you will turn-away prospective customers. We work closely with our clients, conduct detailed research, and build out a messaging framework and assets that help you better connect with your customer base.

Campaign Development

Once the research is done, the audience has been identified, goals set, personas built and messaging completed, the final step is to build a campaign. We help our customers create engaging campaigns that generate leads and qualified opportunities for your business.

Thought Leadership on Reaching Your Target Audience

Our mission is to provide businesses, organizations and government with insights into trends and solutions for better communication and engagement. Here are some of our latest assets.

Let's Do It Together.

Every marketing campaign is a carefully planned mission with one goal in mind: success.