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Social Web Tactics provides on-going topic and keyword research. We do this to stay on top of what people are searching for, so we can constantly connect their needs to your products and services.

The Challenge For Businesses With Implementing Keyword Research

Keyword Research and Phrase Match ReportAccording to a survey from Conductor, 39% of businesses polled said keyword research management was one of the top two most difficult components to implement internally. The reason is that most companies have limited in-house staff and expertise for SEO and content marketing projects. The Conductor survey revealed that 57% of companies believe the lack of internal SEO skills prevents them from being able to conduct adequate keyword research and identify the topics that will lead to greater organic traffic from search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

At Social Web Tactics, we take that challenge away by providing our expert staff, which has the experience to understand not only what your customers are searching for and need information about, but how to map that information to your company’s product and service offerings.

Effective Keyword Research Is About Asking The Right Questions

For our team, we believe strongly that effective keyword research is about asking the right questions. Is the keyword relevant to your company’s mission and existing web and marketing content? Will people find what they are looking for on your company’s website when they search using these keywords? Are these keywords and topics trending in Google and social media sites? How competitive are these terms in your industry? Will people react positively when they land on your optimized pages? And more.

To learn more about how we can assist your company with content marketing, including topic and keyword research, please contact us today.

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